I came across this question and noticed it had been almost immediately answered by the poster, within less than a minute of it being posted. I understand it's acceptable to ask questions and answer them yourself if you solve the question yourself at a later time, but the response time on his answer leads me to believe he is just attempting to get some quick rep.

A quick browse of his profile shows that every question he has asked has been answered by himself, with 3 of them being within a minute of posting.

Is it acceptable to post a question, knowing the answer at the time of writing it, and then posting the answer immediately?

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    Yes. There's even a button to post them both together on the ask question page itself - see the "Answer your own question" checkbox.
    – Pokechu22
    Commented Dec 3, 2014 at 21:14

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Is it acceptable to post questions and immediately answer it

Yes, it's welcomed as long as it's not a duplicate and is of good value.
See here:

However, that Q&A pair doesn't look like it will be very frequently useful to many users at all. Which arguably makes it useless/pointless.

The way to resolve that is if it can be fairly downvoted, and/or flagged for some reason.
At least some comments might be useful to let them know why this is not particularly useful.


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