I can't log out. This was a test account, and now I can't log in to my normal account.

I've tried to remove all the cookies. From Firebug, when I'm refreshing, I get logged out, but then I'm logged in again. What files on disk should I remove to be logged out permanently or is there a menu option I missed?

Anyway, how does Stack Overflow do this?

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You can log out of Stack Overflow via the drop-down under the Stack Exchange logo menu to the right:

Stack Overflow log out link

This applies just to the site your are active on. You really want to log out from the OpenID provider, too, as anyone can now use your computer to log back in to Stack Overflow, often without being challenged to re-enter credentials. How you do that depends on what provider you are using.

For Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. you'll have to visit their sites and find the log-out option there.

You can find what OpenID providers are authorised by clicking on the my logins link under the Edit Profile & Settings tab in your profile:

my logins overview


The simplest way is to go to http://stackoverflow.com/users/logout. Also works on other StackExchange sites.


Viewing from the browser on mobile, I struggled with this for way too long...

Martijn's answer is correct, but for mobile users you'll probably need to scroll the last few icons to find the button Martijn mentioned.

Stack Overflow UX designers - it's annoying to not know how to log out of your site. It's even more annoying to have to go to another site to log out of this one (as Martijn explained).


The OpenID link Martijn shared didn't have a "log out" option when I visited, so I'm not sure if that is still a valid part of the process or not.


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