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How can I log out from my Stack Overflow account? [duplicate]

I just want to log out. I am not sure what else to write here to meet quality requirements. Is it not important for your users to be able to log out? What if they have multiple accounts? Many ...
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Adding Security log option for seeing login activites

Recently I was logged out of my SO account automatically. This happened 2 times in 2 days (like 1 today and 1 yesterday). Note also that this has happened in the past as well. Upon seeing this, I am ...
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Add an option in Settings to log out of a device that is logged in to your account

If someone is hacked/has a hacker running about in their account or just in general want to sign out on specific devices, having a list of devices currently logged in on the account under My Logins or ...
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Double log out is confusing UX design

I find it counter-intuitive that the "log out" link leads to another page where you have the option to actually log out, e.g. I believe it would improve the user interface and therefore the ...
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"Clicking 'Log Out' will log you out of the following domains on this device:"

Hamburger menu → Log Out Message: Clicking 'Log Out' will log you out of the following domains on this device" This message is incorrect. Clicking "Log out" will just log you out of ...
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How do I log out from Stack overflow when on windows 10 using Chrome [duplicate]

I have clicked all the menu options, as well as clicked around in the user and profile sections, but I will can't find an option to logout. The attacked screenshot is marking with red crosses where I ...
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How do you logout of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

This seems embarassing, but I logged in and cannot log out. I've tried clicking my user account, also tried the Stackoverflow button top left. None of those routes have a clear log out option. I ...
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Signing in without asking my credentials after logout from Stack Overflow if have logged in using Google strategy

After I login to Stack Overflow account through Google option, I logout from Stack Overflow account. Then I click on the login button and select login with Google. Since the Google cookies exist on ...
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Logout flow makes no sense, leaves users confused

I don't usually log out of my account, but recently decided to on a computer where I don't usually use Stack Overflow. The logout process is highly confusing and I'm not sure what actually ...
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How to log out from Stack Overflow (SO) [duplicate]

I literally have no idea on how do I log out from Stack Overflow. Can anyone help me with this? I'm serious, like for real, how the heck do I log off?
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How do I log out from StackOverflow? [duplicate]

I tried to recover my password since StackOverflow no longer supports to login with anything but Google and Facebook. As a result, my 240K points are now gone. There is no log out button, so I can't ...
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Why I am being automatically logged out of SO so often?

For some reason, I can't seem to stay logged into SO for more than a few minutes. I am on MacOS 10.14.3, Safari 12.0.3. I've been on SO since the beginning, but this has only manifested recently (...
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I forgot to log out from Stack Overflow from a public computer. What now? [duplicate]

The owner of this account did not logout from a public computer, so a different person is posting this question on their behalf.
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Can we make the "log out" link more discoverable?

The "log out" link is currently hard to find, as it has historically been (for evidence, see the dozens of previous meta threads asking how to log out). I suspect part of the current problem is that ...
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Where is the logout button on stack overflow? [duplicate]

Where is the logout button? I can't find it anywhere! I have looked everywhere for a button but to no luck!
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Stack Overflow account not logging out?

I used company system to login to my Stack Overflow account, now it's not logging out. It says: Oops! Something Bad Happened! We apologize for any inconvenience, but an unexpected error ...
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Has anyone else been logged out multiple times per day recently?

I rarely close Stack Overflow. Often just suddenly I'll be logged out when I go to a different page, or even up/down voting can kick me to the log in page. Is anyone else getting this problem ...
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I am sometimes randomly logged out in the past 3 days

Yesterday I was just browsing some questions from SOBotics, and decided to vote on one. But when I clicked the vote button... You must be logged in to vote. When I refreshed the page - I was ...
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I am not able to logout from Stack Overflow. Could you please tell me how to log out? [duplicate]

I am not able to logout from Stack Overflow. Could you please tell me how to log out?
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How to logout from new Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

How do I logout? The StackExchange link is gone from the top. Maybe it is obvious for somebody, but I've been to almost any tab I could think of and all over my profile. Help, let me out!
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Logout of Stack Overflow on computers I no longer have access to? [duplicate]

I'm signed into my account on a computer I'm no longer using, and I'd like to revoke its access to my Stack Overflow account. How can I do this?
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Logout and Login

Well, I finally reclaimed my identity. It took me hours -- the "logout" was hard to find, so I was trapped in a new identities on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange. Then I had to locate "login" -- ...
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How to terminate all active logins of my account? [duplicate]

I have logged into my account from many computers and forgot to log out sometimes. So, I do not known how many active sessions I have. How can I terminate all of them?
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How does session expiration work?

How does session expiration work on Stack Overflow? Is it independent of the OpenID provider? Does expiration take place regardless of when you last visited a site? I'm asking because every once in a ...
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Checkbox alignment on logout page

On the logout page, the checkbox is mis-aligned. Here is a screenshot:
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"Logout" of is not working?

Steps to re-produce this bug - Login to SO, navigate to chat Click on upper left Arrow Logout link System asks for confirmation - "Are you sure you want to logout?" After confirming the ...
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How do I logout of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

A bit of fun really, but it's not entirely obvious... So how do I logout of Stack Overflow? I have clicked on my profile link, the one with my picture, and there's nothing there. I checked all the ...
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Is there an automatic logout in place?

In recent weeks I found I had to login to Stack Overflow, where I normally remained logged in. I've now found myself logged out a few times and had to log in again. Is this a new policy, or has my ...
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Log out from chat doesnt work

I was trying to logout from stackoverflow and i tried it by clicking on logout link at from and it done nothing i am still logged in
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Weird view when 'partially' logged out

Since today, when I'm getting logged out while using the site on the iPad, I get a view like in the picture below
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log out doesn't work properly? [duplicate]

If I use StackExchange -> log out. And then I click the big log out button on the subsequent log out page I am logged out. But when I click login and login via google then I am logged in without ...
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How does one logout from Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I cannot find any logout/signout button here. I have tried to remove account, it also cannot be done. Anyone know how to logout?
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How to log out from Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I searched through the internet to find the way to logout from the site. One thing I found is delete the cookies from the browser. Is there any other way to logout from the site?
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Is Stack Overflow having a logout bug?

Is Stack Overflow having a logout bug? I recently noticed that one can log in to Stack Overflow through Google and is kept logged in even after one signs out of the Google. Is this a bug or is this ...
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How to Logout Account Only in One Device

I have a computer at home and I am logged in to stackoverflow using my facebook account. After using stackoverflow, I close my browser without signing out my account, making it automatically logged-in ...
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I keep getting logged out of Stack Overflow [closed]

I have multiple tabs open (Chrome version: Version 39.0.2171.71 (64-bit), Mac OS X 10.10.1). If I close the Stack Overflow tab for any length of time (tested as low as 15 minutes), I get logged out ...
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How do you log out of Stack Overflow (September 2014) [duplicate]

How do you log out of Stack Overflow? The log out button under the 'StackExchange' dropdown does not appear to log me out. Nice feature for an expert programmers site. I thought I should put the ...
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Global log out from all Stack Exchange accounts

I am having account on Stack Overflow and Code Review. I don't have a permanent system to log in to these accounts, so I need to log out each account separately every time. So, it would be great if I ...
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Temporarily lost login while being active

It has happened to me a couple of times over the last few days that I was suddenly logged off while being active on StackOverflow. I then get a banner at the top of the browser window that offers me ...
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Why does "log out" affect all devices?

There is a help text when you click "log out" in the menu which warns you that it will affect your login on all devices. Even with the warning, this violates the principle of least astonishment, at ...
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How do I log out of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I want to logout of Stack Overflow, and I want to use a different account. There is no logout button/link. How do I sign out? (I'm not signed in to Google right now either.) Why is there not a logout ...
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How to logout from Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I just created my account at Stack Overflow and now I am unable to logout. Where is the link to logout or should I clear my cookies?
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How can I log out from Stack Overflow?

I can't log out. This was a test account, and now I can't log in to my normal account. I've tried to remove all the cookies. From Firebug, when I'm refreshing, I get logged out, but then I'm logged in ...