The tags , , and all have the exact same tag wiki. There is also with a very similar description and which does not have a tag wiki.

I suggest all of these tags are made synonyms with the most popular, as the parent tag.

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    method-overriding is more specific, it wouldn't be a good idea to dissolve it into the more generic tags. I can't spot any difference in usage between override and overriding, I think these two can be merged. The tag wiki for that tag should be updated to discuss the general concept of overriding and refer to method-overriding when it's methods that are being overridden, or alternatively override/overriding should be manually split into more specific tags, I'm not sure which. – Gilles Apr 4 '14 at 8:54

Agree with Gilles: is probably a bit too specific to be merged directly into , but and refer to the same fundamental concept, with no need for distinct tags, so these should be merged.

...and they now are: is .

I'm refraining from applying the status to the question as a whole, though, because still needs to be cleaned up.

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