The reason for this request lies in having two tags with the exact same meaning, but at two different locations. refers to the same library as . There is also only one library called Anko at the moment (as far as I know), and that is the Kotlin library used with Android (for context, it's this one).

The kotlin-anko tag does not have a wiki, but the anko tag does:

Anko is JetBrains library for Android application development (wrapper for Android SDK for Java), written in .

There's also 65 questions with both tags.

Given that these two tags are meant for the same library, these tags should be merged. I also suggest using over (to avoid overlap with other libraries, frameworks, or similar if one with the same name appears later), although as the most questions on it.

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I went through the questions of and most of them were already tagged with (some 23 weren't), and all of them were using the tag correctly.

I also checked the other way round. Looks like there were just 2 questions that were not tagged with the or with , and even those were related to kotlin anko. So it was very clear that they both are the same tag.

I merged the tags and added as a synonym, so that it won't be recreated.

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