What is ? For me it seems that this is a mistake and it should be named common-language-infrastructure.

There are only 4 questions with this tag and all refer to something that has to do with or .

I can edit these question by myself, but first I would like to know if this is some new technology or if I´m correct that this is a mistake.


I retagged those 4 questions. The is now clear of questions and will be is removed by the script that runs ran at 03:00 UTC


In my opinion common-language-interface has to do with cli of .net technology and sould be used with cli,clr or.net

  • No, the tag is completly wrongly named as OP already pointed out. It shouldn't be used in any combination. (which is no longer possible because the tag is gone) – rene Mar 10 '14 at 12:51

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