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I'm a coder. I have and have had other titles, Director of Development, Lead Developer, etc., but I think coder is what really describes me these days.

I probably did not downvote you, so don't assume that just because I'm the only one responding to your question that it was me. The vast majority of the time I will try to probe you to make your question, answer or comment better.

I follow the PHP tag pretty regularly. I'll also help with WordPress-related posts, unless the question is about a specific plugin or theme, or about Gutenberg, in which case it should probably be posted over on WordPress Dev.

I tend to comment way more than answer because I hold the quality of my answers very high. If something can be solved with a two or three sentence comment, I'm probably not going to post that as an answer. With that knowledge, if I post a comment that is helpful and I don't answer, I hereby grant everyone, including the OP themselves, permission to write an answer based on that. Courtesy says you should acknowledge the comment, but I won't lose any sleep if you don't.

(My commenting policy really bugged this one person once, and they actually told me that I shouldn't post anything in that case. Something like "If you can't be bothered to write a quality answer, you should leave this to other people that will". Hmm, no, I will always try to help someone if I think I can.)

I also like talking and writing about technical things, and given the stage, I can go on and on and on.

Lastly, for no good reason except that they make me smile, here's some quotes:

Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer. — Filipe Fortes, 2013-11-10

A comment in a CSS file means you've probably sinned in your code. — Chris Haas, 2020-03-31 (private Slack)

Anyone ever dread writing a block of code, only to find out that you already wrote it a month ago? Really makes you smile. — Chris Haas, 2020-04-22 (private Slack)

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