Description: I'm a: medium height, dark haired, bearded, web developer/entrepreneur.
Astrology sign: INTJ?? (oh,uh... probably not the right...) square, triangle? (oh pretty sure that's not right) ummmm human? (I guess I just don't get arbitrary classifications based on the apparent structure of stars from a specific astronomical view point...)

  • Building systems to capture and organize data in ways that create exponential value
  • Analyzing systems of all kinds and coming up with improvements (organizational, governmental, social, etc...)
  • Finding and meeting challenges
  • Programming
  • Database Development
  • long walks in the park (... well as long as park is replaced with mountains...not that I mind walking in parks either just not a particular 'interest')
  • making lame jokes (...in case you didn't notice)

Experience: I have a wide base of IT experience allowing me to understand where and how technical solutions can provide value to organizations.
I have professionally performed the following:

  • Designed and crafted web applications to meet business needs
  • Led small development teams
  • Estimated reasonably complex software development projects
  • Installed & supported Oracle, MS SQL, & MySQL many times
  • Installed & supported complex applications
  • Developed normalized RDBMS data structures and associated data systems (utilizing stored procedures, triggers[sparingly] etc...)
  • Been dropped into very foreign and/or very complex projects and gotten up to speed and become valuable and knowledgeable within a reasonably short amount of time
  • Setup and administered a dedicated Linux server at a webhost in Germany (where the employees speak German as their first language) (still active, secure, & working)
  • Worked as a contractor for many years (usually, but not exclusively, while working at a full time position)
  • Worked as an employee in a startup (I learned a lot here)
  • Worked as an employee in an established but failing company (I learned even more here)
  • Worked in a remote team (more than once)
  • Worked in a cube farm (for too many years)
  • Been a founder in more than one startup (none successful... yet)
  • Created curriculum for, and performed training on, various technical topics
  • etc...

    A past stack overflow profile that I feel unreasonable & unfounded pride for:

    enter image description here
    Log: 5th year 5th month:
    Today upon my avatar appears the mark of evil.
    Mayhap an indication of the depths to which the site will lead.
    Ever wandering, nay snaking, ever sinking, ever darker to it's eventual torment...
    in the pits of HELL!!!
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