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For questions about Insights, the part of the Stack Overflow website hosting e.g. the Trends tool and annual survey results.

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Link to 2022 survey broken

Congrats on the 2023 survey results - interesting stuff in there! I was curious how some of the results compare to previous years, and noticed that on (...
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Short Surveys on Stack Overflow

I'm Katrina, a member of the comms and marketing team at Stack Overflow. You may notice short surveys popping up on Stack Overflow. This is part of #StackOverflowKnows, an ongoing initiative ...
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10 votes
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Is the 2018 Survey results page not working for anyone else?

I'm getting: Error. An error occurred while processing your request. every time I try to hit the results page. The other URLs on "insights" work fine. I'm using Chrome on a Macbook.
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Links in footer are broken on

The "Questions", "Jobs", "Documentation", and "Help" links in the Stack Overflow footer use relative URLs without a domain, so go to the wrong domain ( The resulting page ...
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