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Why does my "Approve Edit" require 2 more signatories but I can edit myself with none? [duplicate]

The question in question is How to get offer details using Microsoft Partner SDK? A user has made an edit in to bring in a linked resource (good idea in case the site goes down and the image is no ...
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edit questions with pending edit reviews [duplicate]

I have permissions to edit a question without peer review. If a question has been edited by a member whose edits need to be peer reviewed, I see the "Edit (1)" and I can click it and approve the edit....
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It's clearly impossible to retag this question [duplicate] Add PHP, remove Javascript. Can't make edit as too few changes. Okay, so I'll add PHP ...
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Why does reviewing edits require three people, but making edits requires only yourself (after 2k reputation points)? [duplicate]

According to the privileges page we can make instant edits when we hit 2k reputation points. However, reviewing other peoples edits still requires some consensus between users. This makes no sense to ...
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People with direct edit privileges should be able to single handedly approve edit suggestions [duplicate]

As the title says. I don't think it makes much sense to have a system where someone who could directly without needing approval edit something needing 2 other people of the same kind to approve a ...
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Review required by 2 when a user with less than 2k Rep Edits the Question on StackOverFlow [duplicate]

I have been thinking about it lately. Maybe it has already been answered, but i couldn't find it anywhere. What is the reason behind answer being reviewed by Two Users with more than 2k Reps when ...
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Why can high-rep OS users edit a question or answer directly, but not approve an edit? [duplicate]

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Should edit approvals work differently? [duplicate]

I have decent rep here. Frequently I'll edit someone else's question, for example to fix code formatting, which newbies often have trouble with. But sometimes, as just now, I'll find that (a) ...
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How come I can edit a question without review but I can't approve an edit alone? [duplicate]

Why can I edit a question on my own without it having to be reviewed but when I review someone else's edit it still needs two more approvals? Thanks!
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System design for approving an edit is strange [duplicate]

For an edit suggestion by a low-reputation user to be adopted, approval by multiple high-reputation users is required. However, a single high-reputation user can approve and improve an edit by ...
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What's the logic behind approving an edit vs. making an edit on your own? [duplicate]

I mean right now I have +2000 reputation points, so I can edit whenever I want. Why isn't me approving an edit by another not weighed as the same? If I'm someone who can make edits without waiting ...
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Is edit review working as it should for user >2K rep? [duplicate]

User >2K rep can edit Q & A and edits apply immediately, from help center: We believe in the power of community editing. That means once you've generated enough reputation, we trust you to edit ...
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Why are my edit approves not immediate? [duplicate]

Usually, I'm able to edit questions without delay since I've over 2k reputation. Earlier today, I came across this question and wanted to edit it so that the formatting is improved. I saw that an ...
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Edit questions and answers - Should be applied immediately when approving someone elses? [duplicate]

From the Privileges help: 2,000 - edit questions and answers - Edits to any question or answer are applied immediately When reviewing an edit on a question, why is it not passed through rather ...
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