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How come only certain tags display a small image? [duplicate]

Examples include android, chrome, and mongodb - they have small pictures on the tag. Why, for example, don't java, postgresql, or excel tags have them? Can they be added easily?
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Upload Tag Favicons [duplicate]

Is there a way to upload a "favicon" (that's the most relevant term I can put to it, let me know if there's an official name for it!) for a tag? If not, can there be? (Unless it would be too legally ...
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How to attach an icon to a programming language tag? [duplicate]

I noticed that there were icons in the programming language tags like go and dart. What can I do to add one for python?
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Why does the Android tag on Stack Overflow have an icon, while other tags don't? [duplicate]

I was just writing a question related to Android. And I noticed that Stack Overflow has an icon for the Android tag, but it doesn't have an icon for any other tag I attached to the question. Why ...
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Why do only some tags have icons? [duplicate]

Some tags have icons, for example [firefox] or [android] have recognizable images associated with the tag (mdn, and... well... the android thing). Why don't tags like [python] have icons as well?
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How can we create a tag with an icon? [duplicate]

There is a new technology called UNO Platform and I think that it would be good to have a tag and icon on and UNO-Platform How can we do that?
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Is there a reason that pretty much only Google-related tags show a pretty icon? [duplicate]

I see that a lot of tags have a nice little icon presented next to the name. It doesn't show here, but if you visit the pages for android and paypal you'll see what I'm talking about. Is it just me or ...
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How do you add a logo to a tag? [duplicate]

How do you add logo's to tags like the one used for Chrome?
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Why and how does the [elasticsearch] tag have a logo? [duplicate]

The [elasticsearch] tag looks like the following: This is the only tag I've seen with a logo, hosted here: ( Why does it have a logo? Should other tags have ...
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Who is the sponsor of the Generics tag?

There are some of the tags with an icon and as stated in the answer of the question How can I set an icon on a tag?: The icons are sponsorships; you need to contact the Stack Exchange sales team to ...
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Should tag icons have logos from competitors?

I recently noticed that the Power BI tag (powerbi) has the Tableau logo on it (tableau). This was jarring, but I'm not sure how big a deal it is. Power BI is a Microsoft product. Based on this ...
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Should tag wikis have images?

I have been making various tag wiki edits, and came across this one made in July:, which removed an image on the tag wiki page for Solr added a few weeks ...
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Why is there a "reduce ads" privileges since ads is the source of income?

At 200 reputation points, users receive "reduce ads" privilege. Why does Stack Overflow give users this privilege since "reduce ads" means "reduce income"?
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What's going on with the [google-roads-api] tag?

What is that ugly and blurry Facebook-like logo that was added to the google-roads-api tag on Stack Overflow?
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Exposure of business-oriented products

I'm just now learning about most of Stack Overflow's business-oriented products. I knew about Jobs, but the rest haven't really been mentioned anywhere that I frequent. I'd have liked to have known ...
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