The Tag Synonyms page has a tab called "Pending approval Pending approval [sic]".

screen shot

The source for this control is as follows:

<a href="?tab=Newest&amp;filter=Active" class="s-btn s-btn__muted active-filter float-right" title="Only active tag synonyms">
    <span class="s-btn--text" data-text="Active">Active</span>
<a href="?tab=Newest&amp;filter=Suggested" class="s-btn s-btn__muted active-filter is-selected float-right" title="Only suggested tag synonyms (excluding voted synonyms)">
    <span class="s-btn--text" data-text="Pending approval">Pending approval</span>
    <span class="-status">Pending approval</span>

Apparently the line <span class="-status">Pending approval</span> should not be there.

Additionally, the "Pending merge" button available to moderators is similarly duplicated

<a href="?tab=Newest&amp;filter=Merge" class="s-btn s-btn__muted active-filter is-selected float-right" title="Active synonyms requiring a merge">
    <span class="s-btn--text" data-text="Pending merge">Pending merge</span>
    <span class="-status">Pending merge</span>


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Thanks for reporting, this was a copy + paste error related to the new button group component release. The issue has been fixed.

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