Currently the tag excerpts on profiles refuse to wrap due to a rule inherited from the parent elements:

This is the rule in question:

.ws-nowrap {
  white-space: nowrap !important;

And this is how the DOM looks like:

<div class="flex--item ws-nowrap">
  <a href="/search?q=..." class="s-tag js-hoverable-post-tag js-gps-track" rel="tag">...</a>
  <div style="/* ... */" class="esc-remove magic-popup">...</div>
  <a href="/help/badges/..." class="badge-tag bg-transparent bc-transparent m0">...</a>

This is (presumably) irrelevant to Update: New Colors Launched, so I'm posting here instead.


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Fixed in the next build, see my answer on MSE. Thanks for the report (and the debugging)!

(And you're right, it was unrelated to the color update.)

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