The R collective was opened earlier this year, and I am trying to understand the role of articles within the collective.

Unless one is a Recognized Member of the collective, a person who wants to write an article must: propose it, have the proposal reviewed, write a draft, and respond to feedback before the article would be published.

Within the R community, it's a lot easier to register as a blog with r-bloggers.com and start writing articles that are immediately published to the readers of R-Bloggers.

Why would someone jump through the hoops to write a Stack Overflow Collectives article when lower friction alternatives to distributing one's content exist?

On the contrary, it seems easier to expand a Stack Overflow answer into a blog post that can be published elsewhere, like I did with Estimating the Runtime of an R Script which was based on my answer to How to estimate R script running time?.

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    Maybe you want feedback. Writing a good technical article is hard, and feedback helps a lot.
    – Ryan M Mod
    May 5 at 23:12
  • Because the R collective on SO is the premier location for all things R, obviously
    – Kevin B
    May 5 at 23:14
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    It’s a quite ridiculous idea. Maybe I do want to write an article on SO. Well, I can’t, because there doesn’t exist any collective for the fields I’d write articles for. May 5 at 23:18
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    @RyanM - fair point writing a good technical article is hard, but the way collectives articles are described, the process seems more like a gatekeeping function than "support for article writers."
    – Len Greski
    May 5 at 23:20
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    Because SO is intended to be a repository of good content.
    – philipxy
    May 6 at 1:01


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