The tag refers to a keyword named this in many object-oriented languages that (normally) refers to the receiver object. It has no tag wiki.

There is a tag named as well. Its tag wiki excerpt clearly states that it is about the keyword this as well:

Keyword that refers to the current class instance or object in many object-oriented programming languages.

Furthermore, there exists a similar tag named . That tag seems to be about the same concept but for C++ (105/134 are also tagged with while there are 32 questions with and but no question tagged with both and ). The tag wiki excerpt states:

The "this" pointer is a compiler-generated pointer during a function call that points to the object upon which that function gets called.

Should we copy the tag wiki of to and synonymize them or should we otherwise disambiguate them?

Should we do the same with ? Are there other tags about the same concept that should be treated similarly?


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should we otherwise unambiguate them?

There doesn't seem to be a problem with the usage of either tags. Both are consistently used for questions about how this functions in various object-oriented languages.

Should we copy the tag wiki of this to this-keyword and synonymize them

The and definitely should be synonymized. They refer to the same concept, and thus are prime candidates for synonymization. While there aren't that many questions (37 ATTOW, many of them about ECMAScript's this keyword), and a simple retag would solve the problem, it refers to a common enough term to justify adding as a synonym to (as the latter is a much more established tag).

Should we do the same with ?

I would avoid touching that tag. It refers to a concept specific to C++ and thus serves the primary purpose of tags: to help connect questions and experts in the field. But its usage does need a little cleanup, as there are quite a few questions on ECMAScript (sic!) and C# (not an SME here, so can't comment if this is a case of misuse).

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    Merged [this-keyword] into [this] (27 questions retagged so it was a poor sub-tag). I tend to agree [this-pointer] doesn't seem like the same thing
    – Machavity Mod
    Commented Jul 25, 2022 at 14:04

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