Are there a list of hard-coded rules for the community to review on URL redirects for questions marked as dupes? I noticed that if one is not logged on MSO (some questions redirect, while others do not...). Though on SO, at random, I checked a few duplicate questions (that have a 1:1 'answered already' by clicking on the link because some questions can be answered already by more than one...) that were closed:yes and they show the original question.

Example, here on MSO, recent questions of mine closed due to duplicates and these specific ones redirect when not logged on:

Did the Amazon related tags have the brand/picture removed? Or is it a bug? redirects to Is there a list of sponsored tags?

Review queue @username does not prompt auto-complete redirects to Full name of user does not always show up when using @-mention in comment

When logged on I am able to see the original question and the section above in a light blue box saying this question already has an answer here ...

Additionally, I did a search on closed questions here on MSO and clicking the first 2 or 3 questions took me to the question itself, seeing the original question (marked as duplicate) with reference to the question that answers the question. This is the behavior I observed for my duplicate questions only when logged in.

Why would it differ any?

flagging comments that invite to accept the answer, am I doing right?
SE/SO crossover question with different answers?



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