We have the following two tags:

  • 10 questions, created Nov 10 '14:

    .NET fiddle is an online tool inspired by JSFiddle. It enables .NET developers to test simple code or try out samples from other developers, without having to start up Visual Studio.

  • 4 questions, created Jan 27, no guidance.

I've confirmed that all the questions in the second tag ask questions related to https://dotnetfiddle.net, so can we alias it to the first?

Or shall we keep the current duet of fiddles?

Nobody has the prerequisite 5 rep to propose a synonym for either so moderator help would be required.

(The tag help me to find Problem with DotNetFiddle and Console.ReadLine that causes a Re-run when pressing ENTER key and thereby close Why does my random number generated keep changing in .NET Fiddle / dotnetfiddle? and using .Net fiddle on a chromebook, tried to make a guessing game. the hints (higher or lower) arent working and the target number seems to change as duplicates, so for me, at least, the tag was useful.)


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I agree; seems clear that we should synonymize to here; the name of the actual service is ".NET Fiddle", it has a tag description, has twice as many questions, and it has existed for many more years.

The website is probably just named "dotnetfiddle" because you can't put a period in a domain name... periods are used to separate domains from subdomains (thanks, Microsoft for that whole .NET naming thing...). Might have been the spelled-out version also because for a while people were referring to it as "dotnet" while it .NET Core was still being previewed.

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