Here is an answer I just ran into this with, thought I could squeeze an edit or two in before the 5 minute marker but failed to do. I attempted to modify the revision message to be more clear as to what I changed but while the post content (I changed a couple of additional things as well) made it into the second revision, my updated revision message did not. This is something I've run into other times as well but figured I have some time to suggest this as a this time.

Note that this behavior persists on subsequent revisions, not just on the first one. It seems that this behavior is by design, however, I propose allowing edits within the grace period of a revision to update the revision message as part of the edit if it changes.

Note that this is similar to another although distinct as that request asks that grace-period edits from the first be counted as a second revision (essentially nullifying the grace-period). I am proposing that modified edit reasons within any revision's grace-period be honored and updated, I am not proposing a "second" revision for this at all.

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    Yes, this is a gross violation of the principle of least astonishment, but it will never be fixed. We have to live with it (as we have for the past 13 years). A workaround is to let your automation (for example, macro keys) insert extra lines at the end. Oct 30 at 19:00
  • @PeterMortensen What do you mean by "insert extra lines at the end" as a workaround? Oct 30 at 19:45
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    Also, is there a known reason why this can't/won't be fixed? Or has this been asked in the past and fallen on deaf ears? Oct 30 at 21:34

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