In the triage queue stack encourages to upvote questions which show research and a sincere effort. I see consensus on many many questions, but never any upvotes on either of them. What is the correct action to take?


Questions which enter the triage queue are not up to snuff. The intent is to allow others to help get them up to snuff.

As a general principle, 0-scored posts are precisely those meet the minimum standards of the site but really have nothing else to recommend them (not interesting, novel, etc).

So if a post went through triage, and was made adequate for the site, not below our standards, but still fundamentally no different or better than the other 10,000 we get every day, 0 is an appropriate, even correct, score.

Another way of putting it is: an upvote means “this is the kind of content I want to see more of on this site”, a downvote means the opposite, and no vote is “meh; there’s nothing wrong with this, but nothing special about it either. It won’t hurt us to have more like this, but I’m not going to encourage/reward it either”.

Or, to really boil it down to its essentials, I’ll echo the Incredible Hulk’s @MisterMiyagi’s précis in the comments:

Upvote good, downvote bad, don't vote ok.


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