In the triage queue stack encourages to upvote questions which show research and a sincere effort. I see consensus on many many questions, but never any upvotes on either of them. What is the correct action to take?


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Questions which enter the triage queue are not up to snuff. The intent is to allow others to help get them up to snuff.

As a general principle, 0-scored posts are precisely those meet the minimum standards of the site but really have nothing else to recommend them (not interesting, novel, etc).

So if a post went through triage, and was made adequate for the site, not below our standards, but still fundamentally no different or better than the other 10,000 we get every day, 0 is an appropriate, even correct, score.

Another way of putting it is: an upvote means “this is the kind of content I want to see more of on this site”, a downvote means the opposite, and no vote is “meh; there’s nothing wrong with this, but nothing special about it either. It won’t hurt us to have more like this, but I’m not going to encourage/reward it either”.

Or, to really boil it down to its essentials, I’ll echo the Incredible Hulk’s @MisterMiyagi’s précis in the comments:

Upvote good, downvote bad, don't vote ok.

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    Vote on, vote off. Mar 20, 2021 at 9:14

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