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The 2019 Developer Survey doesn't have an option for Guam developers. Guam is sometimes listed as a country, but isn't an option in the country list here. When I select United States of America, the next step in the survey asks to select a state or territory, and Guam is not listed there either.

Can this be changed or am I missing another option?

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    Looks like this was just marked as an exact duplicate of an unresolved ticket about last year's survey. I'm a neat freak too, I understand the need to organize, but doesn't that just squash the chance of anything being done to resolve this ticket? Question: what can I do to get Guam and other US territories added to the survey? – Sean Connolly Jan 29 at 0:14
  • Why not to upvote already created question instead of opening the same new one? – leftjoin Feb 5 at 6:55
  • @leftjoin I didn't know of an existing question when I asked it. Actually, I still don't think there was a question that addressed the 2019 survey and feel this one was incorrectly marked as a duplicate. Further, to make the point of why you can/should open another question, I created a better phrased question and got the problem addressed. – Sean Connolly Feb 5 at 15:39

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