I stumbled upon by chance and saw to my astonishment

THIS TAG SHOULD NOT BE USED. Instead use [acm-java-libraries], [acm-icpc], [programming-competitions], [usb] or [appfabric] as applicable

Apparently it is too ambiguous, simultaneously meaning

The first two are burninated tags.

Yet 61 questions are tagged with . It is obviously misleading and causing some harm, but it could be argued it serves as a (malfunctioning) signpost. What do we do with the tag? (Hint: Trogdor)


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This is now done.

I've retagged the questions that were on topic but were referencing USB, Amazon's Certificate Manager, Heroku's Certificate Manager, the Java ACM libraries, etc. where appropriate. I closed anything that was off topic, often deleting the post as it was not going to be salvageable anyway.

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