Issue : A new specific page is not shown and if i open it using page index (at the bottom ) from a tab using one tag as a filter.

Issue description : if i open-up a page ( let's a 5th page and current tab has only one tag as a filter ,not more than one ) from the "go-to page indexes"(at the bottom) using

"right click" = > "select Open link in new tab" , then it just open the first page and even on the new tab if you click on 5th page index , it will take you to the top as shown in image below

enter image description here

Step to produce issue :

  1. Either open new tab and apply any single filter let's say r or choose saved tab with single filter (make sure to refresh to see the accurate issue)
  2. Go at the bottom "goto any page index" . let's say 5th index page using
  3. Right click = > select "Open link in new tab"
  4. In new tab you will see same first page and again if you press 5th page , it will take you at the top.

It's works fine :

  • if you have more than one filter tag
  • if you simply use the tab without any filter


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