In my CV “developer story”, a bunch of Stack Overflow tags appear never the top.

The thing is, they aren't that good at reflecting my professional interests. For example, the first tag is , but I am not looking for a bash-related job. Ok, I can hide it¹, but that's not what I want either, because I do have that skill after all — I want to downplay it. I'm competent at yet the tag doesn't appear at all — but I can list which is just silly.

  1. Please give me more choice as to which tags appear there, and in what order.
  2. There's also a free-form list of tags, but in the “normal” (“traditional”) view, it appears way further down under “Tech you want to work with”. That's not a very visible way of listing the keywords that define me professionally.

¹ In case you haven't found how to do that, because it's pretty hidden: you have to select the “Story view” tab, hover² your mouse over the area with the tags and an Edit button appears.
² I haven't tried on a mobile device or with keyboard controls.

  • You can display your tech stack at the top of your Developer Story (you can put anything you want there that reflect your professional interests).
    – Stéphane
    Oct 20, 2016 at 7:22


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