Does it make sense to have extended examples because the code may be considerably different between versions of the same language?

This problem was raised in one of the answers of the SQL documentation question and the solution seems simple, a filter (or a dropdown at the top of the page) could allow people to select which version the example refers to.

Not really complaining about any particular language, but the first and most simple PHP docs array example depicts 2 different "versions", and in PHP 7, non-surprisingly, it is now possible to define "constant arrays".

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This is a very similar feature that is planned but not currently implemented. From the Documentation open beta announcement "What's to come" section at the bottom of the post:

There are things we know we’re going to do that just weren’t ready in time for launch.

  • Code blocks with multiple languages (think MSDN’s C#/VB/F# switcher)

Multi-language tabs could potentially be a solution to multiple version of the same language.

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    It may not be as user-friendly, because the whole surrounding text will remain (despite being obsolete), and the example will still occupy some place on the screen. Also, just because you are asking for XX 7 examples does not mean that XX 6 or XX 5 are necessarily obsolete; examples can be relevant to a range of versions... and I don't see how handling that either with the multi-languages. Commented Aug 2, 2016 at 11:53

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