I recently typed up a significant amount for the Introduction to Elasticsearch documentation, but a bunch of micro-edits got merged ahead of it. I was keeping track of them and updating my example to include them, but after a few of them I was no longer able to get to my changes:


  • I did have this open in a tab, but I made the mistake of trying to open a section in a new tab by center-clicking the pencil. This changed the current page, then redirected in the same tab and notified me that my changes had already been reviewed.



Hopefully those changes will return to the living soon.

It's a beta, so I'm not terribly concerned about the issue, but I think this presents an interesting problem with the editing process, which likely led to this bug:

  • Micro-edits tend to get accepted more easily because they only require a single reviewer, which forces bigger edits to be fixed and go through the exact same process endlessly.
    • I assume that, as the service gets more use that major updates will be less common, but it's currently being gamed by generally less knowledgeable users with micro-edits.
    • Large updates, while obviously discouraged in the long run, become nearly impossible to make for active sections.
    • Slow reviews or practically no reviews as the case has been in my case seem to be making it even harder.


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