It is not possible to see an improvement request for a topic on which one has an edit pending which is unrelated to the improvement request.

EDIT: Note that this seems to be because one cannot see a topic's current form when your own edit is pending.

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It is possible to see improvement requests in the edit window:

Improvement request from the edit window

(Of course that requires you to withdraw your draft from review.)

As of Feburary, you can also see improvement requests in the discussion tab:

Improvement discussion

If your change does handle an improvement request, the request is listed on the review page. It seems confusing to include requests that aren't handled. It will probably result in incorrect rejections.


I am experiencing this as well.

Here is the notification for the improvement request:


When I click that link, this is what I see. No information about the improvement request is visible.

What I see

If I open a private window (or log out), the improvement request is visible.

What others see

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