When I'm deciding what framework/library to use, I give a lot of weight to how many questions have been posted under their Stack Overflow tag. If, say, someone was looking for a new JavaScript physics engine, it would be really useful to be able to search for 'JavaScript physics engine' and have tags with matching descriptions returned by their popularity.

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You can use the Stack Exchange Data Explorer for this. Here is a query which lets you search in tag excerpts:

Select t.TagName, p.Body
From Tags t Inner Join Posts p On t.ExcerptPostId=p.Id
Where p.Body Like '%##contents##%'
Order By t.[Count] Desc

Note that SEDE is updated once a week on Sunday morning, but for slow-changing content like tag descriptions this shouldn't be a problem.


As a similar alternative to the answer; I wanted to see how how many views questions tagged with a particular tag are generating over time:

;with cte as (
  FORMAT(convert(date, P.CreationDate), 'yyyy-MM-01 00:00:00.000') [date],

  from Posts P
  join PostTypes PT on PT.id = P.PostTypeId

  PT.Name in ('Question')
  and Tags like '%<tag you want to see>%'

sum(ViewCount) ViewCount

from cte

group by

order by [date] desc

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