I edited this question and it was rejected (3:2). I was curious why this happend, so I looked into the review and saw only two changes (between OP's version and my version) not of mine:


I read about grace period in this answer and understood why it is possible that I see those changes. So I looked into revision 1 and saw more than the two changes and knew that OP had changed his question in grace period:

revision 1

But revision 2 shows a second edit 5 seconds before mine with almost the same changes:

diff revision 2

Why is my edit not rejected with "This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit." and why is OPs version shown in review instead of third party version?

  • I can't answer why it wasn't immediately rejected as a conflict, but the review is showing the difference between your edit and the third party's edit. They changed met with -> facing, and your edit is changing it back (since you were using the original version).
    – Rob Mod
    Mar 29, 2016 at 1:57


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