It appears that both of these tags refer to the same product. Googling for the description of leads me to here and so does Googling for the text description of . In fact, the text for each of those tags appears at different places on the same page.

Since these two tags appear to be the same thing (and in a couple of cases like these, both are used at the same time), shouldn't we merge them to be just one tag? seems to have more complete information on it as well as more questions asked, so perhaps should be the primary.


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I went through the list of questions that had the tag but not or any of its related tags. There were 49 of them. Out of the 49, 4 questions were about profiling MySQL, where I removed the tag.

I synonymized to , instead of the other way round because:

  1. The name of the product is SQL Server Profiler
  2. SQL Profiler was a generic name and could be confused with profiling other variants of SQL.

So, the direction of the synonym is: (× 133) ← (× 197). I'll wait for a couple of days and then merge the tags.

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