I recently asked a programming question about an unusual problem I was having where browsers were inserting apostrophes into URLs that were displayed as raw HTML.

An answer was provided and as a result I was able to come up with a workaround to solve the problem. The answer itself was very helpful (and I accepted it) but didn't give a detailed solution so I decided to provide an update to the question text stating specifically what I did to solve the problem.

My question is: What's the preferred way of handling this?

Updating the question with how I solved the problem seems a clunky way of doing things: You see the question, there's an answer in the question text and then the accepted answer is further down.

I had thought of providing another answer as an update but this didn't feel right either. Editing the accepted answer to include my final solution seems quite a radical change to make. How should I have approached this?

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Don't update the question with the solution.

If you have a more detailed solution than was provided by the other answers then post it as your own answer - referencing the other answers that helped you as well as upvoting them. This is what Stack Overflow is designed for.

  • Thanks, I've changed the question to remove the update and added it as an answer. Sep 22, 2015 at 11:44

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