Just came upon a HTML question that had as a tag. It kind of got me interested, since I couldn't really think that sections would have been a tag assigned for HTML.

I went and searched around the (< 300) questions tagged with it a little and it basically ranges from HTML, arrays, databases, design, files and more stuff. So it doesn't seem to really fall under one category.

There seems to be quite a few questions related with "UITableView" though. I was wondering if this tag should be burninated, or perhaps some wiki should be added (not one that I could think of).

In any case it doesn't seem very meaningful and looks ambiguous to me.


Too vague to be useful. (i.4 in "when to burninate") Also ambiguous (i.1) 'cuz it means both a part of something and a geometrical concept.

In questions, it needs to be either deleted or replaced with more area-specific terms.

Due to the word's inherent ambiguity, blacklisted, too -- the ambiguity will prevent it from ever being a useful tag.

Some common replacements that I see:

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