I've come across the tag. Is it a meta tag that should be burninated?

If it isn't burninated, should it be renamed to make it a noun rather than a verb?

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    I find baffling that a site that focuses on programming (and the tools used for programming) needs to ask other programmers how to run basic installation/uninstalltion routines.
    – Braiam
    Jul 27, 2015 at 0:21

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This is a meta-tag. It only has meaning in the context of other tags.

  • If a question is about uninstalling product X, it should be tagged with X.
  • If a question is about tools to generate installers and uninstallers, it should be tagged with the tags for these tools.
  • If a question is about problems encountered while manually writing an uninstaller, it should be tagged with tags appropriate to that problem. For example, if the targeted platform is Windows and the problem is with registry entries, it should in all likeliness be tagged with . The fact that the purpose of the registry modification is uninstalling, is almost never essential to the problem.

I believe both the tag and the distinction between and is still useful for the very reason that one is a noun and one a verb.

Uninstallation would seem to refer to a specific process that is known followed, like the exe to uninstall an application (Likely the official one). However a quick search tells us the tag is not currently being used. I propose that this tag be synonymous with the which has 144 questions tagged at the time of writing.

While Uninstall the verb, refers to uninstalling via the official uninstalling method, cleanup of leftover files and for software where an official uninstallation process is not properly given or not obvious. There are 1,219 questions tagged "Uninstall" at the time of writing.

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