I recently came across a question that is several years old yet has no answers. However, I would like to see a true answer to the question and feel that it will benefit many other people, (there are several comments but no solid answer with thorough testing) and am unsure as to what to do. I thought of reposting the question but am afraid of getting down voted for duplicate question (even if I acknowledged the existence of the old question!). What is the standard thing to do in this situation? And BTW I do not have enough rep to set bounties.

My question is also similar to this one (which is sort of ironic) with one major difference: the old question I want an answer to was not posted by me, which seems to be all that the above link is about.

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  • A bounty was generously placed on that question, which brings it back into focus. Unfortunately, there are currently 43 featured Java questions, so there still is some competition. – usr2564301 Jun 30 '15 at 8:34
  • Just to note, I took the plunge and added an answer to the best of my abilities. – Gimby Jun 30 '15 at 13:01

If you had enough rep, posting a bounty would be first of the rank, but as you say, you currently don't.

You could do some testing yourself. If that resolves it you could then post an answer to that question. You would then probably get people commenting on your answer so you would get some feedback that way, and you might even start gaining reputation.

If the testing doesn't resolve it to your satisfaction you could then post a new question including what testing you did. That way it would be more specific than the original question and you explain that in your question and refer to the original question.

Also rather than asking "why do it this way" as the original question, ask "how to do this most efficiently" and give code examples of what you are trying to optimize. The answer to "Why" is sometimes because "it was always done this way" dating back to a time when there was no graphic component and you had to render it yourself in an array.

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