I got a question and found this question on stackoverflow, but it's not answered. I refer to the following question:

XULSchool make: *** No rule to make target '../bin/build', needed by 'install'. Stop

Since the question is over 2 month old, I guess that there won't come any answer to it. But my problem isn't solved, and I'm wondering if I should ask this question again, or if there is an other way to "bump" the existing question?


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If your question is essentially the same, please don't post a duplicate question.

Instead, draw attention to the existing question:

  • If the question has issues (misspellings, poor formatting, etc.), edit it. That has the side effect of bringing the question to the front page.
  • Offer a Bounty.
  • Post a link to it on Social Media. The "share" link offers several conveninent links, but you can share that link just about anywhere. (And, if you do that, you can earn Badges when people follow your link.)

On the other hand, if your question is almost—but not quite—the same, ask a new question. Be sure to delineate how your question is different than the other (and link to it).

More advice here: Getting attention for unanswered questions?

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