The FAQ sidebar on Meta Stack Overflow has been enabled, but although the links appear to stay within http://meta.stackoverflow.com they really point to the lower post ids that redirect to Meta Stack Exchange.

To reproduce, go to the Meta Stack Overflow homepage and hover over the links under the Frequently Asked sidebar header. If you ignore the link to Stack Apps and the (non-existing) tag, all those links redirect you to Meta Stack Exchange instead.

So, although we have a Community FAQ of our own, the sidebar links to the central MSE FAQ page. We shouldn't be directing visitors away from our own Meta, lets keep them here for the frequently asked questions for Stack Overflow.

I can take care of the tag, but can a moderator or developer please fix the other links?

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Woops. I originally turned on the same sidebar that's used on MSE, which also includes questions (which are redundant here, as they're also included in the bulletin).

Then I found a setting that didn't include the featured questions, and switched to that... Without really paying much more attention to it. Apparently, that option is thoroughly broken - so I've reverted back to FeaturedAndFAQ.


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