Check out this question:


even the title screams close me, yet it has managed to stay open and even got a few upvotes!

Surely this question is massively off topic. Its not about programming and although has started a bunch of discussion it doesn't seem to me like it conforms to the SO standards for questions.

What is the best procedure to bring this to light so that it can be closed?

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    It was asked clear back in 2009 when moderation wasn't as tough. – animuson Aug 4 '14 at 23:53
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    That's not "a bunch of upvotes". If it had more upvotes (say a few hundred), it would've been noticed earlier and destroyed as part of the numerous witch-hunts that we do. – Mysticial Aug 4 '14 at 23:54
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    Some times these just slip through the cracks. When you see them, vote to close. – Mick MacCallum Aug 4 '14 at 23:55
  • Cool, I was wondering whether flagging or voting to close was the correct procedure. I might add this to the question here to make it more answerable. – Fantastic Mr Fox Aug 4 '14 at 23:56
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    Dropping a link in the Tavern will usually get it closed pretty quick. – animuson Aug 5 '14 at 0:00
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    Sir @Mysticial, we found a witch^H^H^H^H^H old question. May we burn her^H^H^H it? – dmckee --- ex-moderator kitten Aug 5 '14 at 0:09
  • @dmckee: ^W is much less work. – tmyklebu Aug 5 '14 at 3:42
  • @0x7fffffff Hey, i know this is old, but your comment seems to be the most appropriate answer to this question ... You should add it and i will accept so we can finish up here. – Fantastic Mr Fox Jul 9 '15 at 0:23


No, it's not worth keeping around. Animuson closed it, I've deleted it.

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