What is the tag for?

I tried looking at some of the questions, but they appear to be all over the place. Some are about the __builtin_* macros in C compilers, some are related to shell built-ins, some are about Python, etc.

  • It does not have a tag wiki, so it is not officially for anything yet. – Cody Gray Jun 19 '14 at 8:39

, and are used pretty much indifferently and should be merged.

I don't see any value in splitting the tag. While “builtin” has a different technical meaning in different languages, the core concept follows the same idea. Requiring that all questions use rather than isn't particularly useful.

Perhaps these tags should be removed altogether — I don't see any value in subscribing to or ignoring . Nonetheless, they do have some use in a search, which argues for keeping them.

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