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Software Engineer from The University of Southern Denmark

I totally support Chat GPT and its potential to get faster answers that can be tested and verified, than long lines of code without a human level of context from a 10k reputation user, that afterward will discredit you and bring the downvote train along. All Stack Overflow is doing is discrediting itself. The community is sadly full of egos and people getting power-hungry.

Great answers from other people related to the ban on Chat GPT that a fully accurate:

  • "At one point, Stackoverflow had the most useful and accessible answers to all sorts of questions. Along with what seemed to me to be their rudeness. And I think they were overly proud of it. That is why they so frequently responded to people in ways that, to me, seemed mean and insensitive. Sometimes they would seem so annoyed by a question that I wondered if the reason the monorater was there just to get sadistical joy out of being rude. Sometimes they appeared so exasperated by what I thought was a perfectly reasonable question that I thought the monorater should just leave and do something else with their life. I've come across questions that were compellingly interesting but Stackoverflow, apparently, felt that a nit-pick, rather than a good and useful answer, was called for. I cannot register with Stackoverflow and post questions because I am not comfortable committing "bad" words into writing. I will think those words, but I won't put them in writing." - Cbb Cbb
  • For now, ChatGTP and other AI-empowered tools will not replace programmers. However, programmers that will learn to exploit AI-empowered tools might replace other programmers. - Quote
  • I'm honestly not surprised. ChatGPT probably has them shitting themselves. "People can get the answers to the questions they're Actually Asking? Without being Shamed for asking something tangentially related to something someone asked a decade ago when the language they (were using) was Completely Different?! HOW DARE YOU!?!?" - Keira Pendragon

Stack Overflow bans ChatGPT

Uncovering Stack Overflow's TOXICITY

The Tyrannical Mods of Stack Overflow

How to use Stack Overflow:

  1. Create your question with your account
  2. On a second account give a wrong answer with a confident language
  3. Wait for the right answer along with offenses to the wrong answer
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