Dinko Pehar

Enthusiastic software developer and highly motivated person to learn and experience new things in life. Geek who loves to customize all development environments to his needs and work on projects that arouse curiosity.

With every challenging task in front of me, I try to remain calm and steady until it’s solved, learning new technologies and tools if the need arises.

Technologies I use or worked with:

  • Python:
    • Web: Flask, Flask-Resful, Flask-RESTPlus, Flask-WTF, Flask-CORS, Flask-SocketIO, Flask-Login, Flask-SQLAlchemy
    • Libraries: BeautifulSoup, Selenium, Requests, pySerial, pyBarcode, PyTime, memory_profiler, loguru, SQLAlchemy, Jinja2
    • Misc: Pipenv, Jupyter Notebooks, virtualenv, conda
  • Linux:
    • Daily Driver: Fedora 30
    • Shell: ZSH ans Bash
    • Distros: Debian and Red Hat Based
    • Package management: yum, dnf and apt
    • Other: systemd, Tilix, htop
  • Workflow environment:
    • Sublime Text 3 with Anaconda, Emmet, Ayu-Theme and other smaller plugins
    • PyCharm
    • Vim (editing over SSH)
  • Other:
    • GitHub, Git, Heroku, TravisCI, Jenkins, Dart

Interested in:

  • Steganography
  • Real-time data
  • Image processing
  • C language