The Senator

I'm a software developer working primarily in the Financial markets however I also enjoy software development in any field that I've applied it to. I am experienced in a large range of industries including pharmaceutical, credit-cards, tier-1 trading systems and more recently FX markets. Currently I'm working in my free-time on medical applications with a drive towards more WebApi and Angular.js moving away from the traditional 'thick client' applications. In my free time I write objective-c applications for the iPhone an iPad.

I'm heavily TDD and favour using Microsoft Development tools such as Visual Studio 2015, SQL Server and MSTest. By taking a modular approach to software I use IoC design patterns.

I'm one of the fortunate few that enjoy my work so am constantly reading and improving on my work. I maintain a personal large framework of code that I can apply to new businesses and situations allowing me to produce quite large scale applications in a considerably faster fashion than most individual software developers.

I also enjoy teaching others, and being taught myself, as a day without learning something new is not a day that I enjoy.