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EDIT: I'm making an attempt to quit this site. I've been visiting every day (it all started with a badge), and now I can't seem to stop - its an unhealthy addiction. I have grown tired of dealing with the ego and abrasive personalities that seem to pervade the industry, and on this site especially. People are not kind to each other, and this is not a nice place for anybody, newbie or expert alike. It has been a great professional resource, but its over for me!!! I have always been a self learner and able to find my own answers - like most competent developers, I will miss the convenience, but I'm capable of getting by without. Good bye.

Hopefully I can kick the habit for good..

About me..

I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and two years experience as a "Software Engineer" in medical device research and development. I'm proficient in a couple languages; Java, C++, Pascal. I've had a passing experience with countless others (but since I don't actively practice they are now mostly forgotten).

I've been coding since I was a kid - sometimes I do it for "fun" (but less and less). My first language was BASIC on an Apple II. Then I was really into "softcoding" for text based games (MU*), and then into "web design". My first programming class was in highschool; we were taught TurboPascal, followed by VisualBasic.

At university the languages used to teach computer science were C, Java, and Scheme. I also took a CIS course (through the college of business) where I learned some C# (but wasn't too impressed with the program; I would much rather ponder "what is computable").

In my brief professional experience I've worked mainly with C++ (Qt) and Delphi to create nice user interfaces. I had a brief experience with LAMP based webapps (and later with Spring 3 MVC). None of that really interests me (but thats what was required).

Currently I'm into Android development - its a hobby. I like to create things. I want those things to be useful. That work is available on fdroid (and the code on github).

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