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Can we care a little more about quality instead of quantity, please?
20 votes

I'm not a long time member or a high ranker by any means but so much of this rings true especially since I've just recently started Completing My Civic Duty by reducing the Triage queue by 20 ...

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What to do when users do not understand/appreciate constructive feedback?
11 votes

Obviously, this user opted to not only ignore the friendly and constructive comments Your comments weren't friendly: they were polite for sure but what's friendly about telling someone what to do, ...

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Are questions about using point and click "visual" interfaces that write code on topic?
9 votes

Note, I'm not familiar with the particular tool given as an example in the question hence this answer is more generic. From the manual (https://stackoverflow.com/help/on-topic) What topics can I ...

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Force/request/educate beginners to "@notify"
9 votes

Perhaps something like this would add enough additional visibility without ramming it down people's retina? Replace 'commenters' with a concise description of whatever the rules allow you to tag: '......

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Can't unsubscribe from The Overflow
Accepted answer
5 votes

Turns out I did have a second account I wasn't aware of! I got suspicious after logging into an email account I hardly use and noticing it only had 1 copy of The Overflow in it. Sure enough, my Stack ...

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What should be done with one-time questions by one-rep users?
0 votes

Just answer the question. Maybe other SO users are seeing more to this than I am but your entire premise seems insane to me! (Please feel free to clarify it to me in the comments) "If I had the ...

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How to show appreciation to a user on Stack Overflow
-3 votes

Phone them and tell them

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