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At heart, I am shy and introvert but very warm once I feel comfortable after the ice breaking moment with anyone.

After several years in an IT and then Business Development, a serendipitous event in my life inspired me to travel and explore Latin America. After learning Spanish I dedicated myself to deeply learn machine learning and AI. I just absorbed everything that came my way.

Currently working on Data Science projects for international clients and participating in online competitions like Kaggle.

When I'm not working, I love to break the stress dancing the tango or exercising. Around 15 hours a week, I dedicate myself to learning Astronomy and Physics as I am deeply intrigued by these subjects.

I am very open to meeting new people and learning new things so please feel free to say "hello" or share a story!

Technologies that I have used: Cloud: Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure, ARSAT(Argentina) Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins, BigQuery ML Apache airflow, Google Pub/Sub, Cloud composer, compute Engine and AI - model platform Python, pandas, Scikit-learn, anaconda,, NLP, chat bots using diagflow, IBM Watson Recommender systems - content based filtering, item-based collaborative filtering, matrix factorisation techniques Linear, Logistic Regression techniques Random Forest and XGboost models Image classification applied to video and stills Deep neural networks using Tensorflow, Keras Big query, SQL, Postgres databases Data Visualisation - Google Data Studio, Seaborn, Bokeh, Matplotlib Version Control - Git, Bitbucket, Gitlab Web Frameworks - Django, Flask, Rest API's using DRF

Feel free to email me at [email protected] See my Github repositories at

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