New Project Pong 2020 -> Pong 2020 for Mobile/VR Mass Genocide -> Current Virtual Reality Project Below for Oculus Rift, Go and SteamVR (Mobile port as well). My VR Project entitled Mass Genocide

Currently working on my Magnum Opus, entitled "Shadow Boxer" for mobile, & standalone. Open beta programs for iOS, & Android. macOS and win32/64 to come. Link to App Stores -> [http://www.apollosoftware.org] 5

Screenshot(s) Below ->

A City Level for my game This level is Manhattan

  • [Basketball Shooter!] 8
  • [Virtual Beer Pong] 9
  • [Chess King] 10
  • [Cosmic Bowling] 11,

Amazon App Store:

no. 1 in Appstore for Android > Games > Sports Games > Bowling

no. 24 in Appstore for Android > Sports

no. 64 in Appstore for iOS > Sports > "Virtual Beer Pong" (yep it's a sport)

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Masters in Comp. Sci. from New Jersey Institute of Technology

Working as a Sr. Software Engineer for Cisco Systems, Inc. I also however moonlight as an indie app developer/indie game developer mostly in the mobile space, although I delve into VR, consoles and standalone more than my fair share.

Platforms at the moment: macOS/watchOS/tvOS/iOS, Android (Pixel), Kindle, Oculus Rift & Go, Samsung TV, & Windows 10 (UWP). I also do 2D/3D game design with the Unity3D Engine, and Unreal Engine 4. A moreover recent development has been my interest in VR.

IDE's are Xcode, Android Studio, MonoDevelop, Visual Studio and Eclipse. I also enjoy using Atom, Code, SublimeText, Nano, VIM and Notepad++.

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