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72 votes

Usernames that consist solely of Zalgo text can't be clicked when associated with a post

60 votes

You know the name: [json] Bourne

37 votes

Is there a permalink for Unikong?

23 votes

Why were my flags on these posts declined, when the moderator took the suggested action?

21 votes

Are whitespace-only display names allowed?

11 votes

Phase out [Farsi]

9 votes

OP doesn't know how to debug

3 votes

I am skeptical about the reason for deleting Jon Skeet's answer on shortest "Hello word"

1 vote

What to do with this question?

1 vote

Why are code-only answers in the low quality review queue, if they should not be deleted?

-1 votes

Should we add RTFM to the list of off-topic close reasons?

-4 votes

Pull out the [Persian] rug from under the feet of this tag