• Ruby/Ruby on Rails (Experience: 3+ years)
  • Sidekiq/Redis (Experience: 3+ years)
  • Heroku (Experience: 4+ years)
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase (Experience: 4+ years)
  • PHP (Symfony2, Zend, CakePHP, Laravel) (Experience: 5+ years)
  • MEAN Stack (Node + AngularJS 1/2) (Experience: < 1 year)
  • JavaScript (Core, Angular 2+, jQuery and other libraries) (Experience: 4+ years)
  • UI (Bootstrap, Susy, SASS/Compass) (Experience: 7+ years)

Contact Email: mansoor.postbox@gmail.com Skype: dev_iq


I am Mansoor Khan, a full stack developer who loves the web. I'm passionate about semantic and standards based development. Efficient code, intuitive user experience, building responsive and interactive web pages has turned me into a thinking Frontend developer.

My knack of creating reusable, decoupled and non-redundant code has helped me become a better Backend developer. I strive to create backend solutions that conform to OOP/SOLID/DRY/KISS principles to make the web application more robust, extendable and secure.

In addition to my passion for the web, I also enjoy reading fiction, playing cricket/badminton and video games in whatever free time I get.