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Mark Dibeh
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In brief, I am a results-oriented and motivated individual with a proactive approach and the ability to take an initiative and lead any project to a successful finish. At the Presidential Palace IT department, I was mainly in charge of the development of new software systems, using :

  1. C# as a high-level language

  2. SQL server using MSSQL and Entity framework for faster approach

  3. Web API using HTTP protocols to retrieve dynamic data from and to database

  4. Javascript, Jquery, typescript, angular(newly learned),react-js,react-redux Html5, CSS and bootstrap for front-end development

  5. NET 4.5 and .Net Core as a framework for web development

  • Besides that, I am responsible for Updating and managing existing products and providing beneficial technical support to colleagues.

  • Working on the improvement of all programming procedures in order to make the whole software development process more effective.

  • Communicating with clients to provide knowledge, and expertise, ensuring that their requirements were fully met.

  • Trouble-shot and fixed any threads and bugs.

Furthermore, I am an Arab Open University graduate with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science which serves as excellent evidence of my industry knowledge.

At the university, I was also engaged in multiple clubs and societies. My involvement in these activities has helped to significantly improve my teamwork skills and time management abilities.

Finally, I am a Certified Web Development Professional offering technical expertise and strong determination to succeed and perform excellent work.

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