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I am a passionate and experienced full stack developer living with my family in Canton, Ohio. 4PMD, the startup company I’ve been working for over the past two years, is sadly closing its doors and I am looking for my next adventure. I developed 4PMD, a cloud native web application and API, as the sole developer with very little oversight. The software is hosted in Azure using Azure Web Apps, Web Jobs, Azure SQL, Blob Storage and other Azure offerings. I’m very excited by Azure and everything it has to offer. I also have quite a bit of personal and professional experience with Linux. Needless to say I’m excited about the idea of leveraging my Linux experience to provide inexpensive .Net Core solutions.

I have worked in large organizations with hundreds of developers, on small agile teams of two to five developers and entirely solo. I have historically worked best and enjoy work most on small, concise teams. I feel smaller teams are able to be nimble, focused and creative. I have seen, first hand, the benefit of agile process models with defined sprints. However, I think the best process is the one your team evolves out of an initial, more defined model. I truly am excited to learn and implement new technology. For my past two projects I researched the feasibility of and estimated the cost of various cloud solutions. I provided pros and cons to aid in decision making. As a developer and administrator of the projects I had no problem making final and tough decisions about technical solutions and sticking with these solutions to make them work despite any road blocks.

There are many important factors that go into a successful software project. Performance and security are the two most important to me. I use App Insights to monitor performance and user issues and I've responded to and remedied post deploy production issues in under an hour. I scan my software with OWASP ZAP and my infrastructure with Nmap. I've written a CSP header library for asp.net core that my applications use and I read vulnerability and exploit reports daily. While the things listed are essential the primary thing I have to offer you is critical thinking.

I can handle many things including sparse requirement documents, little or no devoted QA staff, a complete lack of defined process and many other hurdles we face at work. However, I am interested in an environment where coworkers show each other respect, interesting and progressive projects and the balance required for me to live a happy life with my family.

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