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48 votes

Preventing multiple of the same Low Quality review comments

47 votes

Eject! Eject! [eject]!

41 votes

Developer Survey 2018: Any Topic Suggestions?

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Spelling Improvement Edits

35 votes

The [protection] tag has been burninated

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User making a lot of unnecessary revisions

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The Developer Story Part 2: We didn't explain that very well

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What should be done about [explode]?

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What should we do about [web-site-project]?

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Does SO still send swag on reaching 100k reputation?

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“Ask a question” wizard prototype

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Asking for wisdom, strategy and judgement?

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Beta release of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

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How often should I include screenshots of command outputs?

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Chat UI changes suggestions

4 votes

How can I vote for an answer to a reply comment?

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What to do with implicit tags for a very complex, specific library?

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Ban on the word "problem" for titles makes it difficult to edit existing posts

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Serial editor prepending "language: lang-m" to code

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Burninate the [history] tag

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Why shouldn't we merge [google-analytics-4] into [google-analytics]?

2 votes

First Posts Review

2 votes

Making a closed question still visible to everyone due to popularity / links etc?

1 vote

Disallow languages other than English in chat

-3 votes

Add small UI hint on why the "need answers" tab is empty

-4 votes

Can we disallow the default alt text for images?